Chad Johnson Reveals Why He Won’t Sign a Prenup

Prenups are no new thing in Hollywood.According to Hollywood Unlocked, Chad Johnson openly spoke about his Fiancee’s Prenup request.In the spotlight of recent discussions about prenups, Chad publicly talked about his relationship with Sharelle Rosado.In a fresh episode of NightCap with Shannon Sharpe, Johnson uncovered his fiancée’s desire for a prenup.


He then proceeded to articulate his reasons for refusal.Johnson, a former NFL football star, revealed his resistance to signing the document.His defense is rooted in his current lifestyle, while Rosado is the provider.He has the comfort and luxury of being a stay-at-home dad, enveloped in video games.Amidst the buzz, Johnson shared his sentiments on the whole scenario.

Despite the pressing from Rosado, his firm stance on not signing any papers remains unshaken.“I see that feeling women have because this woman has provided me with the ability to be a stay at home dad. I ain’t got to do nothing, but take care of the kids. I get to play video games all day I ain’t got to go to work. Do you know what that feels like? To have somebody like that. The roles are reversed now.

So I see how women be feeling when they be going crazy over dudes when dudes got money. I get it now you get to chill and you ain’t got to do nothing.”

Shannon Sharpe then went on to give Johnson advice on the situation and told him what he has told his friends who are in a similar situation and have asked him why should they sign a prenup if they don’t have anything. “Therefore because if you leave you leave with ALL of your nothing and not half of it.” Johnson then responded by saying, “see you hear what you just said that’s why I’m not signing nothing.”Despite Sharpe’s advice and insight on the matter, Johnson’s refusal remains solid.He emphasizes his comfort in his current role and lifestyle, undermining the need for signing the papers.

The Prenup, A Reflection on Johnson’s JourneyReflecting on Johnson’s illustrious NFL career, his decision contrasts his past lifestyle.Chad previously played for the Cincinnati Bengals, the New England Patriots, and the Miami Dolphins.The renowned player is known for his exceptional talent.His off-field eccentricity and active social media presence further amplify the current debate.These show a different side of the football star.

Beyond the discussion, Johnson’s life post-NFL embarks on new avenues.These include sports commentary, entertainment, and continued prominence in the sports world.His prenup decision, albeit controversial, mirrors his life’s present chapter.

It emphasizes his choices and the ensuing comfort in his current role and relationship.Final Thoughts
Amidst the controversy, Johnson’s decision reflects his life’s choices and priorities.Despite the social media uproar and public opinions, the debate surrounding his decision with his fiancée, Sharelle Rosado, opens avenues for further discussions.We want to see more talks on prenups, relationship dynamics, and role reversals in modern relationships.

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