Tiktoker Goes Viral After She Narrates Portions Of Will’s Book – “He Told Us About The Separation 2 Years Ago”

We’ve dedicated a significant portion of this week to dissecting Will and Jada’s relationship ever since Jada commenced her press tour for her memoir, Worthy.

The catalyst for this frenzy was Jada Pinkett’s interview with Hoda Kotb on The Today Show, during which she disclosed that she and Will have been separated since 2016.This revelation sent the internet into a tailspin.What’s even more intriguing is the vicious public backlash that followed, with individuals resorting to derogatory labels such as narcissistic, selfish, and simply annoying when referring to Jada.Many have steadfastly clung to the belief that she never truly loved Will and that she consistently finds ways to embarrass him on every available occasion.The perplexing question that arises here is: why has the public’s reaction been so extreme when Will Smith made a similar declaration two years ago in his self-titled book, ‘Will’?

In his book, Will Smith explained that he and his wife mutually decided to pursue their individual paths to happiness separately.

It’s a striking contrast, and it highlights the intriguing double standard in how society perceives and reacts to such personal revelations when they come from one spouse compared to the other.

A tiktoker who owns Will’s book decided to post an excerpt of the very portion of the book that describes how the separation came about.The distinction here is quite simple:Jada is notably more open and expressive within the space her separation has provided her.She calls Tupac her soulmate, she tells stories about Chris Rock asking her out on a date ..for example.Whereas Will tends to be more reserved. We almost never hear about his romantic endeavors outside of Jada.Does this difference make one a hero and the other a villain?Absolutely not.We may not fully comprehend the intricacies of their situation because it’s not for us to understand; rather, it’s a private agreement between a husband and a wife.In reality, many of us have grandparents who’ve been married for numerous years with similar understandings.They live as a family and raise their children within this unique dynamic.

As a society, we often display tolerance and extend grace towards such arrangements, accepting them for what they are.

Will and Jada will continue to define their relationship on their own terms, and if you’re interested in gaining a deeper understanding of how it works, perhaps reading their books is the way to go.

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